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Product Technical Data




Advanced Casing Exit Systems

Arch Sheaves

Auxiliary Back Pressure Units

Belly Dump Trailers

Big Pond Tanks

Bobtail Installations

Bobtail Tanks

Bobtail Trucks

Cartridge & Vane Filters

Casing Mills

Chemical Injection Systems

Chemical Process Valves

Coil Tubing Control Units


Control Panels

Crossovers & Tubing Adaptors


Die Collars

Diesel Powerpacks ( Zone 2 )

Double Wall Storage Tanks

E-Line Cased Hole Single Axle Trucks

E-Line Open Hole Trucks
E-Line Chain Drive Trucks
End Dump Trailers

Engineering, Procurement and Design

Flat Top “ Frac “ Storage Tanks

Flexible Metal Hoses

Flowhead Control Units

Frac Tanks

Gas Filtration, Reduction

        & Metering Systems, Skid Mounted

Gear Pump Installations

Grease Injection Heads

Grease Injection Systems

Hand-Portable Control Units

Hazardous Area Cast Enclosures

        & Custom Built Control Panels

Hazardous Area Control Equipment

Hazardous Area Lighting

Hazardous Area Motor Starters & Isolators

Heat Exchangers

Heavy Haul Trailers

Heli-Portable 3-Pc.

       Skid-Mounted Zone 2 Slickline Units

Hydraulic Actuated Circulation Control Subs

Hydraulic Line Wipers


Hydraulic Set Anchors

Hydraulic Set Permanent Packers

Hydraulic Set Single Trip Mills

Hydraulic Set Single Trip Whipstocks

Hydraulic Tool Catchers

In-Situ Test Caps

Integral Lubricators

Kill Trucks

Lightweight Top Sheaves

Liquid Seal Stuffing Boxes

Liquid Storage Flat Top “Frac“ Tanks

Liquid Transport & Storage Systems
Lubricator & Riser Sections


Mechanical Bottom Set Anchors
Mechanical Bottom Set Single Trip Whipstocks

Mechanical Set Single Trip Mills

Mobile Mud Pits

Mud Mixers

Mud Tanks

Oilfield Well Service Equipment

Package Systems

Pig Launcher and Receivers Traps

Pressure Vessels

Pump In Tees

Pump Trucks

Quick Couplings

Quick Rig Full Body Dual Drum Trucks

Quick Rig Heavy Duty Double Drum

          with 15 Degree Feed Trucks

Quick Rig Heavy Duty Trucks

Quick Rig Heavy Duty With Rotating Base Trucks

Quick Rig Heavy Duty Zone 2 Trucks

Quick Rig Medium Duty Double Drum Trucks

Quick Rig Medium Duty Single Drum Trucks

Quick Rig Single Drum With Mast Trucks

Quick Union O-Rings & Thread Protectors

Rig Up Dollies

Round-Bottom Tanks

Sampling Valves

Side Step Storage Tanks

Single Step Storage Tanks

Single Trip Casing Exit Whipstocks

Slickline Skids

Slickline Tandem Axle Dual Drum Trucks

Slickline Tandem Axle Dual Drum With Lift Trucks

Slickline Triple Drum Trucks

Splash Protectors for Flanged Connections

Stuffing Boxes

Subsea Control Units

Subsea Equipment

Surface Pressure Control Equipment

Swabbing Heads

Test Caps & Stumps


Triplex Pumps

Umbilical Reelers

Utility Mills

Vacuum Pump Installations

Vacuum Tanks ( Bobtails )
Vacuum Trailers
Vacuum Trucks & Trailers

Vane, Cyclone & Demister Separators

Vibration Monitoring & Evaluation Systems

Water Melon Mills

Wellhead Flange Adaptors

Wellhead Intervention Control Units

Whipstock Retrieval Tools

Winch Trucks

Window Elongation Mills

Wireline Equipment

Wireline Masts

Wireline Sheaves

Wireline Trucks

Wireline Units ( Skid-Mounted )

Wireline Valve Consumables

Wireline Valves